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Zero advance to Dota Summit Americas upper-bracket final

Team Zero swept 4 Zoomers 2-0 on Wednesday to advance to the upper-bracket final of the Dota Summit 13 Online’s Americas division.

The playoffs began Wednesday with three matches. In the lower bracket, beastcoast swept Team Brasil 2-0 while Infamous got past catJAMMERS 2-0.

The $100,000 Americas division began with 10 teams playing a full round robin of best-of-two matches. The top four teams advanced to the playoffs’ upper bracket, and the teams that came in fifth through eighth moved into the playoffs’ lower bracket. The ninth- and 10th-place teams were eliminated.

All playoff matches are best-of-three except for the final, which will be best-of-five.

Team Zero defeated 4 Zoomers in 31 minutes on red and in 36 minutes on green. The United States’ Eric “Ryoya” Dong paced Zero with an average kill-death-assist ratio of 16.5-1.5-9.5. Samuel Lee “Sammyboy” Anderson had a 3.0-3.5-7.5 K-D-A ratio for 4 Zoomers.

Zero’s upper-bracket final opponent on Friday will be the winner of the Thursday match between Quincy Crew and Thunder Predator. The loser on Thursday will play a loser-bracket match against beastcoast on Friday.

beastcoast eliminated Team Brasil with two wins on green, in 28 and 38 minutes. Peru’s Hector Antonio “K1” Rodriguez led beastcoast with an 11.5-2.0-12.0 K-D-A ratio. The United States’ Francis “FrancisLee” Lee had a 3.5-6.0-6.5 K-D-A ratio for Team Brasil.

Infamous beat catJAMMERS twice on red, in 37 and 23 minutes. Peru’s Crhistian “Pakazs” Savina produced an 11.5-1.0-9.0 K-D-A ratio for Infamous while Canada’s Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling wound up with a 3.5-6.0-5.5 K-D-A ratio for catJAMMERS.

Next up for Infamous is a Thursday lower-bracket match against 4 Zoomers.

Dota Summit 13 Online Americas division prize pool
1. $42,000
2. $22,000
3. $13,000
4. $9,000
5-6. $4,500
7-8. Team Brasil, catJAMMERS, $2,500
9-10. No Pangoliers, Spirits Esports, no prize money

–Field Level Media

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