Skip to toolbar, Spirit unbeaten at IEM New York — CIS and Team Spirit both won Wednesday to finish undefeated in the group portion at the Intel Extreme Masters XV — New York Online: Commonwealth of Independent States event. (5-0) posted a 2-1 victory over forZe (3-2) in Group A to advance to the semifinals of the playoffs.

Russian Dzhami “Jame” Ali had 62 kills and a plus-18 kills-to-deaths differential for VP, who rebounded from a 16-12 setback on Mirage to record a 16-10 win on Dust II and 16-12 victory on Train.

Russian Evgeny “FL1T” Lebedev tallied 63 kills and a plus-4 differential for forZe, who will face Nemiga Gaming in a quarterfinal clash on Friday.

In another Group A match, Natus Vincere (3-2) swept ESPADA (3-2) after posting a 16-5 win on Mirage and 16-10 victory on Nuke.

Ukraine’s Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Russian Denis “electronic” Sharipov each had 41 kills and a plus-11 differential for Na’Vi (3-2), who will face Gambit Esports in a quarterfinal clash on Friday.

Russian Abdul “degster” Gasanov had 35 kills and a minus-1 differential for ESPADA.

Also Wednesday, K23 (1-4) notched their first win with a 2-1 victory over Cyber Legacy (0-5). K23 answered a 19-17 setback on Dust II with a 16-2 victory on Overpass and 16-11 win on Inferno. Both clubs were eliminated from the tournament, however.

Team Spirit (5-0) seized a 2-1 win over Winstrike Team (1-4) to exit Group B with an unbeaten record.

Winstrike posted a 16-14 win on Dust II before dropping a 16-5 decision on Nuke. They then fell 10-2 on Train before forfeiting the last map due to technical issues.

Russian Nikolay “mir” Bityukov had 45 kills and Ukrainian Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev had a plus-14 differential for Spirit, who advanced to the semifinals in the playoffs.

Winstrike was paced by Russian Aleksey “El1an” Gusev, who had 44 kills and a plus-7 differential.

Gambit (4-1) swept Nemiga (3-2) after securing a 16-10 win on Train and 16-14 victory on Mirage.

Vladislav “nafany” Gorshkov had 47 kills and fellow Russian Dmitry “sh1ro” Sokolov had a plus-10 differential for Gambit.

Nemiga was paced by Belarus’ Igor “lollipop21k” Solodkov, who had 46 kills and a plus-10 differential.

Ethereal (1-4) swept HellRaisers (1-4) after securing a 16-14 win on Dust II and 16-8 victory on Nuke. Both teams were eliminated from the tournament.

The $50,000 CIS division of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event features 12 teams divided into two groups for round-robin play. Each group winner will advance to the semifinals of the single-elimination playoffs, while the second- and third-place teams will move into the playoff quarterfinals.

All matches are best-of-three except for the Oct. 25 final. The champion will earn $20,000, 2,500 Regional Major Rankings points and 350 ESL Pro Tour points.

Intel Extreme Masters XV — New York Online: Commonwealth of Independent States standings, with win-loss record and map differential:
Group A
1., 5-0, +53
2. forZe, 3-2, +5
3. Natus Vincere, 3-2, +7
4. ESPADA, 3-2, +16
5. K23, 1-4, -37
6. Cyber Legacy, 0-5, -44
Group B
1. Team Spirit, 5-0, +84
2. Gambit Esports, 4-1, +64
3. Nemiga Gaming, 3-2, +27
4. Ethereal, 1-4, -59
5. Winstrike Team, 1-4, -51
6. HellRaisers, 1-4, -65

–Field Level Media

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