Valorant reveals adjusted formats for 2022 play

The Valorant Champions Tour will have multiple changes in 2022, including a revamped Challengers format, offseason tournament play and adjusting the Game Changers program to highlight the play of women.

Inspired by player feedback, regional Challengers now will have a split that includes a single open qualifier. That will lead to top teams meeting in matchups akin to league play. A Challengers Finals will crown a split winner while revealing teams that will advance to Masters events.

An organized offseason tournament circuit will pick up once regular-season play ends in September. Third-party operators will create a lineup of events that potentially could highlight new players.

In addition to boosting women’s play, the revamped Game Changers program will also highlight amateur play. The changes to reveal Valorant stars of the future is similar to the programs Riot Games launched to boost amateur play in League of Legends.

An expanded women’s tournament is also scheduled for late 2022.

Valorant Champions Tour play opens in February.

–Field Level Media

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