‘ocelote’: G2 plans to expand into Valorant

G2 Esports wants more than its recently won League of Legends European Championship title.

The organization, which already has teams playing in more than a handful of platforms, will expand into Valorant, owner Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez Santiago told Sky Sports in an interview.

“The game is really well designed, it’s very smooth, it doesn’t have anything useless in there,” he said of Riot Games’ latest game entry. “It might seem overwhelming at first but it’s not. It’s actually very simple. The simplicity of it makes the game very deep. This game has everything it needs, nothing more, nothing less. That makes you get really good at every angle, every map. It’s a perfect game, I really, feel strongly that I believe it’s a perfect game.”

And he told Sky Sports he is confident about the organization’s future in Valorant.

“G2 will be Valorant World Champion at some point,” he said. “At the same time, we’ll be doing a lot of content and tournaments around Valorant. Expect a lot from us, it’s going to become one of the main games for us.”

–Field Level Media

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