Morgausse leaving Rogue, Fortnite for Valorant

Austin “Morgausse” Etue is putting his faith in Valorant, leaving Rogue and bidding farewell to his days as a competitive Fortnite player to commit to a new scene.

Morgausse, who won the Fortnite 2018 Summer Skirmish at PAX West, announced a bittersweet departure on Twitter. While praising the friends he has made, the adventures he experienced and the “financial stability” attained, he also added some negatives.

While saying Epic Games failed to fix bugs promptly in Fortnite and also criticizing the “aim assist” feature, the 20-year old concluded by saying “Fortnite is simply not competitive.”

Without a team to join in Valorant, for now, Morgausse called himself a free agent.

“I’m going to be grinding the game with my head down and earn my way to the top of the scene,” he wrote.

Valorant is a tactical, first-person shooter from Riot Games with a closed beta version released earlier this month. It is expected to be launched to the public at an undetermined date this summer.

–Field Level Media

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