JcStani parts ways with Andbox’s VALORANT team

Noah “jcStani” Smith left Andbox and is a free agent, the team announced Tuesday.

“My time with Andbox was brief but I appreciate the opportunity and the support provided by the organization,” jcStani said in a statement. “There were some creative differences over the last couple months in how we wanted to approach things and this parting is for the best.”

The 20-year-old joined the team in May.

Andbox was eliminated in the Round of 16 at the North American VALORANT Championship Tour Stage Three: Challengers Two open qualifier, where jcStani said he underperformed.

“Last week’s loss to TSM-from my individual performance perspective-was such a low for me,” he said. “The feeling of letting your teammates down while they were all making clutch play after clutch play to try and help us win was demoralizing.”

–Field Level Media

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