Dignitas release men’s Valorant team

After a string of unimpressive results, Dignitas disbanded its men’s Valorant team on Wednesday.

The team confirmed the move on Twitter while adding that it will continue to field a women’s Valorant team.

The tweet read, in part, “We are actively seeking a new home for the (men’s) players and look forward to following their success. … We love the game, we love the players, we love the fans. We look forward to supporting new VALORANT initiatives in the future.”

The players who lost their jobs Wednesday were in-game leader Rory “dephh” Jackson of Great Britain and four Americans, Bryan “MAKKA” Drouillard, Noah “rara” Giesbrecht, Ryan “ryann” Welsh and Harrison “psalm” Chang.

Dignitas tweeted, “Always professional and never complacent, we thank Psalm, Dephh, Rara, Ryann and Makka for all of their efforts during their time at Dignitas.”

dephh replied on Twitter, “As sources say, Dignitas have decided to move out of VALORANT for the time being. An unfortunate set of circumstances even at the start of this roster. I will be taking a short break then exploring options.”

He added that he and his former Dignitas teammates will compete in the Valorant Champions Tour as a pick-up group.

In 12 events since last summer, Dignitas finished in the top four only twice, taking fourth place at Pop Flash in August and finishing second at the Pittsburgh Knights Before Christmas event.

–Field Level Media

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