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Top Esports, DRX advance from group play at LOL Worlds

The final day of the 2020 League of Legends World Championships Group Stage concluded on Sunday with six matches from Group D’s second round robin. While there was a fun upset win near the end of the day, the results were mostly as expected, with LPL first seed Top Esports (5-1) taking down the LCK’s second seed, DRX (4-2) to grab the top seed in the group.

The two teams that would make it out of the group were all but decided from the first game, when DRX took down the LCS’ FlyQuest (3-3) in 31 minutes. Plain and simple, this matchup was decided by DRX top laner Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon’s Jayce, who dominated the early game and acted as a catalyst for the rest of his team.

Doran’s dominance was statistically absurd, finishing with a flawless 8/0/5 KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) and dealing a whopping 30,700 damage, almost 50 percent of his team’s total damage. With the win, and Top Esports subsequent win over Unicorns of Love (0-6), the top two seeds were decided.

With nothing left to play for except the pride of its region, FlyQuest finished strong with two wins. The first was an upset of tournament-favorites TES in 33 minutes. FlyQuest set the tempo early through support Lee “IgNar” Dong-geun’s pocket Blitzcrank pick, finding crucial picks to set Top’s bottom lane behind early. From there, IgNar roamed around the map with his teammates, leading to kills across the board.

LOL Worlds

FlyQuest got control early through picks, but their objective control ensured that TES wouldn’t have an opportunity to snag the lead later on. FLY edged out advantages through dragons and towers until a big four-for-one teamfight around 24 minutes tilted the game definitively in their favor, allowing FlyQuest to pick up the upset win.

FlyQuest’s win meant that the final match of the day, the main event of Top Esports vs DRX, would be for the top seed in the group. In a high-level macro game, that at times felt more like a chess match than a game of League of Legends, Top came out on top, taking a 39-minute win.

This match set the record for the latest first blood in Worlds history, with neither team picking up a kill until 24:04. The early game was all about DRX jungler Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon’s signature Kindred, with both teams treating Kindred’s passive stacks as objectives. Both teams rotated and applied pressure around those stacks, and it became apparent that both teams were more than content to farm up, wait for their scaling champions to get stronger and see if they could outplay each other in the mid-late game.

Under a minute after breaking the “Latest First Blood” record, TES mid laner Zhuo “knight” Ding’s Orianna hit a huge Command: Shockwave, finding three kills for Top Esports that led to a Baron buff. DRX had played well in the early game, getting Pyosik to a strong power level, but that one play from knight decided the game. With an avalanche of gold coming in for TES, Top took every objective in sight until it broke down DRX’s base in 38 minutes.

–Field Level Media

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