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Team Liquid secures second win in play-ins

The second day of 2020 Season World Championship play-ins started off with Rainbow7 facing V3 Esports, with R7 trying to improve from their loss the day before and V3 getting their first action.

Rainbow7 took the Twitch and Rakan we saw from Team Liquid the other day and the Tristana mid we saw twice. An early scuffle top puts two kills on the Tristana at the expense of R7’s Sion dying twice, still looking as though R7 could make good use of it. However, from then on, it was bad fight after bad fight for R7, with the Twitch unable to find an in or a way to scale fast enough to save his team with V3’s well-executed aggression, securing a loss for R7 and V3’s first win.

The second game gave INTZ a chance to redeem themselves after two hard losses on Friday. They faced SuperMassive, who were making their play-ins debut. SuperMassive took their Hecarim jungle with the Lulu mid’s help and Shen top’s ultimate and pushed for multiple good fights that INTZ didn’t know how to answer, cementing Supermassive’s first win of play-ins.

In the third game, V3 got to make their second appearance in play-ins, taking on Unicorns of Love, who drafted an interesting Oriana in the bot lane. UoL played on their terms while V3 attempted to follow it despite UoL having a Kassadin mid, a champion more known for his late-game power spike at level 16. While V3 showed their skill in their first game versus R7, UoL showcased their own in this game and took their first victory.

The next game had two teams with something to prove: R7 with two losses and LGD with one. LGD had Lee Sin jungle and Twisted Fate mid to help with the early game, with a Twitch ADC to carry late. The Twitch did end up getting six kills to his name, but it wasn’t enough. R7 won too many team fights with their strong composition in Ornn top, Oriana mid, Nautilus support and Ezreal ADC, and their team-fighting synergy, earning the team’s first victory of play-ins out of 3 games.

The next match showed the impressive and undefeated PSG from yesterday versus UoL, who already had a win under their belt. The game seemed relatively even for a good time in the beginning, but a fight in the dragon pit that worked in UoL’s favor put them in charge. PSG put up a fight, but UoL knew how to take advantage of their lead in a grand way and it was enough to dethrone PSG and give UoL their second win.

SuperMassive showed just how organized their play was in their second game, a matchup against MAD Lions, who were 1-1 at that point. SUP’s Wukong top ended up 7/0/8, an absolute menace for MAD to deal with, and the Nidalee Jungle had 16/18 kill participation. MAD was only able to secure five kills before their loss, unable to match SUP’s consistent, unrelenting play.

In the final game, Team Liquid and LGC faced off after both earning their first victories yesterday. LGC threatened with their Jarvan jungle and Lucian mid, yet they still lost the 2v2 to TL’s Graves jungle and Oriana mid, which was the beginning of the end.

Broxah did an impeccable job on Graves, snowballing his lead to end the game 6/0/2, but TL’s Jensen was the MVP this game, using Oriana with an 8/1/6 KDA, 14/16 kill participation. Jensen seemed to know exactly what to do and where to be this game, while LGC wasn’t up to find a way to make use of the J4 and Lucian early and only secured one kill.

There are four games on Sunday, where teams will try to adjust to the raising stakes of play-ins, as chances to prove they have it takes to move forward dwindle.

Group A
T1. Team Liquid, 2-0
T1. SuperMassive Esports, 2-0
3. Legacy Esports, 1-1
4. MAD Lions, 1-2
5. INTZ, 0-3

Group B
1. Unicorns of Love, 2-0
2. PSG Talon, 2-1
3. V3 Esports, 1-1
4. Rainbow 7, 1-2
5. LGD Gaming, 0-2

–Field Level Media

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