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Team Liquid advance from play-in stage at Worlds

The fourth day of the 2020 Season World Championship play-ins on Monday featured four round-robin games and two tiebreakers in Group A, with Team Liquid ultimately finishing on top.

The day began with Team Liquid securing their third win in play-ins, handing SuperMassive their first loss of the series. Liquid just did an amazing job utilizing their Shen to make plays all over the map, exercising the synergy of their team in the process.

The second game had LGC battling MAD Lions. While MAD Lions put up a good fight and held LGC at bay for a good while, LGC worked better as a team and had a tankier composition that bought them time they needed in fights.

INTZ, coming in at 0-3, upset undefeated Liquid in a victory that showed what their fans had been waiting to see. Previously, INTZ had trouble moving forward, or using their advantages to force a win, but this time out they gave Liquid little breathing room as they charged forward and kept strong in their game decisions.

Legacy Esports faced SuperMassive Esports in a battle of 2-1 teams, with things tilting in LGC’s favor from the start. SuperMassive got stuck in the ocean dragon pit after not even securing the dragon, and only served as fodder for Legacy. Legacy’s Ezreal ADC ended the game a startling 15/3/10, but he couldn’t have done it without his Sett mid being a menace in key fights.

The first tiebreaker was MAD versus INTZ, and although they were neck and neck much of the game, MAD was overbearing until they secured a victory. While INTZ was eliminated, they performed better Monday and gained valuable experience.

The last tiebreaker of play-ins was Liquid versus Legacy, where Liquid’s Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen stuns on his Graves, ending the game 8/0/9 and feeling unstoppable throughout the game. With this victory, Liquid advanced to Worlds.

Two elimination round matches are slated for Tuesday, with Rainbow 7 facing LGD Gaming and MAD Lions taking on SuperMassive.

Group A
1. Team Liquid, 3-1
2. Legacy Esports, 3-1
3. SuperMassive Esports, 2-2
4. MAD Lions, 1-3
5. INTZ, 1-3

Group B
1. PSG Talon, 3-1
2. Unicorns of Love, 3-1
3. Rainbow 7, 2-2
4. LGD Gaming, 1-3
5. V3 Esports, 1-3

–Field Level Media

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