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SuperMassive eliminate No. 4 seed MAD Lions from Worlds

Fourth-seeded MAD Lions were bounced by massive underdog SuperMassive Esports on Tuesday in the elimination round of the 2020 Season World Championship.

SuperMassive won 3-2 in the best-of-five, advancing to the qualification round. In the day’s other match, LGD Gaming swept Rainbow7 of Mexico.

SuperMassive, of the Turkish Championship League, move on to play Unicorns of Love of the Continental League. LGD advance to play Legacy Esports for a spot in the main event. Both matches are Wednesday.

MAD Lions started by locking in a Wukong in the ADC position.

Despite Wukong getting roughed up, the Mordekaiser top and Syndra mid put in enough work to hold the team together, winning a few fights for MAD with their decision making and footwork. It wasn’t sustainable though, as the enemy Ezreal ADC and SUP’s Zeitno put out too many mystic shots for MAD to handle and MAD’s nexus ended up taking the fall in the first game of the series.

MAD Lions showed that they wouldn’t go down easy in Game 2. When MAD’s Lillia jungle, Shad0w, stole baron right from SUP’s hands, they were able to use their lead to secure the win.

In Game 3, MAD Lions felt confident enough to play Wukong bot again, but the confidence proved false as, like Game 1, SUP punished the pick by winning lane. SUP also made moves all around the map that often were left unmatched, and the game didn’t feel close as SUP took their second win, needing only one more to call it a day.

Game 4 saw SUP grab a Vayne ADC rather than recycle the same three picks as usual, and MAD taking Cassiopeia mid. MAD outranged SUP and used that properly to their advantage with SUP struggling to get close to a Cassiopeia with ultimate and Ezreal with arcane shift. MAD took this win and the series went to Game 5.

Game 5, for all the hype it took to get there, turned quickly in SuperMassive’s favor, and they snowballed to victory with doubling up MAD’s kills.

R7 started strong in Game 1 against LGD.

However, they got caught out a few times and quickly lost a grip on the game. LGD utilized their composition well, their Volibear top, Twisted Fate mid, and Tristana ADC quickly collapsing on anybody from R7 who even thought about being out of position, securing a win in Game 1.

Game 2 felt much of the same, with LGD acting quickly and efficiently leaving R7 behind despite a few good early plays by the Mexican team. The game ended around the 30-minute mark, similar to the first game.

In R7’s last chance, they put up their biggest fight with their Lee Sin jungle and Orianna mid doing their best to find the plays they’d need to stay afloat.

However, LGD kept their cool, and the damage from their 6/1/6 Jhin standing behind an Ornn top and Leona support became too difficult for R7 to overcome.

–Field Level Media

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