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Suning to meet DAMWON in final at LOL Worlds

Suning defeated Top Esports 3-1 in the semifinals of the League of Legends World Championship in Shanghai on Sunday to advance to a grand final showdown with DAMWON Gaming next weekend.

Suning and TES are familiar foes, both competing in China’s League of Legends Pro League. TES won the Summer Playoffs with Suning finishing third. TES eliminated Suning in the semifinal of summer competition, but on Sunday, they avenged that loss.

In the semifinals, Suning had multiple members contribute in key moments, winning in a variety of ways.

In Game 1, Top Esports took an early lead, securing three dragons and threatening to capture the Dragon Soul, but Suning was saved by jungler Quang Duy “SofM” Le’s Lee Sin. SofM was fearless when he needed to be clutch, securing two consecutive dragons with Smite to deny TES. With SofM evening out the gold discrepancies, Suning were free to run over Top’s base and secure Game 1 in 30 minutes.

After dropping Game 2 in 34 minutes, Suning put rookie top laner Ze-Bin “Bin” Chen on a carry champion, Jax, which worked wonders in Game 3. Bin dominated whichever side of the map he was on, building up a 3/0/7 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) for 77 percent kill participation over 40 minutes.

Damwon Gaming
Damwon Gaming

TES didn’t look like the dominant team that bounced back against Fnatic for a 3-2 victory in the quarterfinals. In particular, bot laner Wen-Bo “JackeyLove” Yu struggled mightily throughout the series. In Game 3, JackeyLove repeatedly was caught out, preventing TES from fighting at full force. Suning took Game 3 in 40 minutes, going up 2-1 in the series, and threatening to put the top LPL seed away.

In the series-deciding Game 4, Suning mid laner Xiang “Angel” Tao stepped up in a big way as Akali, finding several crucial assassinations on high-priority targets throughout the game. Suning’s raw early game prowess wasn’t as potent as that of TES, but Suning’s teamfighting was superior all series long. In light of this, Suning drafted a strong teamfighting composition to set Angel up to execute TES’ plethora of vulnerable ranged carries across the battlefield.

In the match clincher, Angel picked up a 8/1/8 KDA, good for 76 percent kill participation, as Suning eventually earned the win in 42 minutes.

SofM was named MVP of the semifinals. Top Esports finishes in third-fourth place along with G2 Esports, who dropped Saturday’s other semifinal to DAMWON.

The grand final is set for Saturday.

–Field Level Media

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