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Suning, DAMWON Gaming vie for World Championship

All the tension, all the teamfights, all the blood on summoner’s rift — it all leads up to this: Suning versus DAMWON Gaming in Saturday’s grand final of the League of Legends World Championship in Shanghai.

Both of the teams made the semifinals look easy by posting 3-1 victories. They will now take a last stand to end the 2020 season.

While Korea had once been seen as the best region, they’ve been struggling with the change of a faster paced meta to keep up.

It wasn’t certain how DAMWON Gaming, though a clear force in the Korean summer split, would perform on the Worlds’ stage. However, their aggressive play style did wonders for them, and they’ve surpassed all expectations.

DAMWON even had a 19-minute game versus G2 Esports in the semis, a top tier team, and made it look like a solo queue match in its brevity.

“All five players on our team have a large champion pool and any of the five players can carry the game,” DAMWON jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu said, according to esports.

Each individual on the DAMWON team has supported this statement with their exceptional performances, and few things on the pro stage are scarier than an amazing player with a champion ocean — one of them being five amazing players with champion oceans.

Though DAMWON has done well, Suning also earned their spot against them this season.

Suning had a mix of veterans and newer players to the pro scene, with Hu “SwordArt” Shuo-Chieh on support and Le “SofM” Quang Duy on jungle leading the way in experience over the rest of their team.

Perhaps a bit of an underdog, Suning sees that as an advantage, with head coach Shih “Chashao” Yi-Hao saying “people don’t have too much expectations towards us. That’s why we’re able to perform just as ourselves.”

The LPL has taken the last two worlds titles, adding extra pressure for the team, but they’ve gotten past pressure before this season.

DAMWON and Suning have beaten some of the best teams in the world, but only one can emerge unscathed from this upcoming best-of-five set.

–Field Level Media

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