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Report: Guild agreed to pay Beckham $20M before investment

Soccer superstar and Guild Esports co-owner David Beckham signed a $20 million “influencer” deal with the company back in May, a month before he turned around and invested in Guild, The Esports Observer reported Tuesday.

According to the parameters of the deal outlined in the report, the agreement is between Guild and Footwork Productions, a company owned by Beckham that holds the rights to his name and image. The deal would pay Beckham at least $19.78 million over five years, with one payment made in each of the five years. The first payment was made at the consummation of the agreement.

In return, Guild will be allowed to use Beckham’s name and image to market the company, and Beckham himself will take part in photoshoots, video shoots and other events, as well as make a dozen social media posts about Guild each year.

Guild Esports

Guild currently fields teams in Rocket League and FIFA, and it also wants to field teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Fortnite. The company went public on the London Stock Exchange earlier this month and raised $26 million through its initial public offering.

Beckham became an investor in Guild in June, paying a reported $319,000 to become the fourth-largest shareholder in the company with a reported 24.5 million shares.

According to the report, Beckham’s influencer deal is structured in a way that, even if Guild eventually were to fold or lose all of its value within the next three years, the 45-year-old co-owner of MLS’ Inter Miami CF would walk away with millions. The deal includes a reported “safety feature” that puts more than $7 million in an escrow account to guarantee the remaining payments for second and third years will be made.

–Field Level Media

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