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PUBG offers $800,000 prize pool for Continental Series 3

The PUBG Continental Series 3 (PCS3), which is just underway with qualifying events, will pay out $800,000 total over four regional competitions, the PUBG Corporation announced on Friday.

PCS3 will feature separate events for North America, Europe, Asia and Asia-Pacific. Each region will crown a grand champion, with the winners each claiming a $200,000 prize.

Each region is already holding its own specific regional qualifiers. In North America, play is underway with 24 teams competing for a share of the $50,000 group-stage prize pool and one of the 16 spots in the PCS3 North America Grand Final.

Spectators can catch current North American group-stage matches on Twitch or YouTube on Friday through Sunday and Oct. 16-18 with matches starting at 7 p.m. ET daily.

Once the PCS3 Group Stages are complete, each region will hold its own Grand Finals spread out over three consecutive weekends. North America and Asia will hold their Grand Finals on Nov. 5-6, Nov. 12-13 and Nov. 19-20. The Grand Finals for Europe and Asia-Pacific will be on Nov. 7-8, Nov. 14-15 and Nov. 21-22.

–Field Level Media

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