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PSG Talon advances from play-in stage at Worlds

The third day of 2020 Season World Championship play-ins had four regular games followed by two tiebreakers.

The first game featured V3 Esports facing LGD. Coming in at 0-2, LGD needed a win and got it by properly using their Ornn top and the Bard support to make the plays needed to push their team ahead to a point where V3 couldn’t catch up. When the game ended near the 36 minute mark, LGD’s Jhin ADC was 10/0/6, and taking a Zoe to half health on a third shot.

The second game was Rainbow7 against Unicorns of Love, a team that’s been looking great in play-ins. In this game, however, R7’s Evelynn set up a tent in bot lane to secure her team a 5-0 lead before 15 minutes, which quickly turned into a 10-1 lead before 18 minutes as the Evelynn and Lucian mid’s damage did wonders in team fights with the lead that was already established. From that point, it was R7 in control as they handed UoL their first loss of the week.

The next game featured PSG Talon beat V3 to improve to 3-1. While V3’s Renekton top did well for himself, so did PSG’s Syndra. In team fights, PSG did a better job focusing down the Renekton early on than V3 did on grabbing the Syndra, allowing her to get out as much damage as possible. V3 wasn’t able to snowball Renekton’s lead, and PSG impressed once again in securing another win.

UoL got back on track with a victory over LGD. While both teams were able to grab a few picks early on, UoL quickly took the lead, being able to group and move together more effectively. LGD put up a fight, but UoL secured the infernal soul and kept up constant pressure until LGD’s nexus crumbled for UoL’s third win.

The first tiebreaker was UoL vs PSG for the No. 1 spot in Group B. UoL was the only team to have beaten PSG and it was time to see if that had been a fluke. UoL had the upper hand for the first 20 minutes of the game, but PSG kept them from their usual snowball and ended up taking the lead with kills they’d secure defending from UoL’s siege.

The win secured PSG a berth in the Group Stage, which begins Oct. 5.

The second tiebreaker, and last game of the day, featured 1-3 teams V3 and LGD facing off. This game quickly took LGD’s favor, as they grouped well and all seemed on the same page, whereas V3 got picked off one at a time and couldn’t find the team fights they wanted. LGD picked up the crucial win and eliminated V3.

Play-ins wrap up on Monday as Group A finishes play.

Group A
T1. Team Liquid, 2-0
T1. SuperMassive Esports, 2-0
3. Legacy Esports, 1-1
4. MAD Lions, 1-2
5. INTZ, 0-3

Group B
1. PSG Talon, 3-1
2. Unicorns of Love, 3-1
3. Rainbow 7, 2-2
4. LGD Gaming, 1-3
5. V3 Esports, 1-3

–Field Level Media

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