Shock, Justice, Uprising score key victories in OWL West

The Overwatch League continued moving toward the first major tournament of the season, the May Melee, on Friday with the Boston Uprising, San Francisco Shock and Washington Justice picking up wins.

The most anticipated match of the day between two top contenders in the West quickly turned into a one-sided stomp as the San Francisco Shock (2-1) rolled the Florida Mayhem (2-1) in a 3-0 series sweep. The Shock needed a win to stabilize in their hunt for a spot in the May Melee, and they did so with gusto.

The Mayhem ran standard double-bubble dive and poke compositions throughout the series, but they couldn’t keep up with a relentless Shock dive and brawl. San Francisco started with a clean 2-0 win on Busan in Game 1, then continued with a 2-1 victory on Hanamura in Game 2.

Led by DPS Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon, who was dominant throughout the series on Ashe and other hitscan heroes, the Shock closed out the series with a 3-2 win on Eichenwalde.

With the win, the Shock prevented the Mayhem from locking in the top seed in the region while putting themselves and Florida in a good position to earn a high seed for the upcoming tournament. With the Mayhem’s loss, the Houston Outlaws (4-0) also secured the No. 2 seed for the May Melee.

The Justice (4-0) locked up the top seed in the May Melee with a dominant 3-0 win over the Toronto Defiant (2-1). While both teams entered with undefeated marks, the Justice showed they were the true top dogs behind their potent DPS rotation of Gui-un “Decay” Jang, Sung-won “Assassin” Kim and Tae-hee “Jerry” Min.

Decay was on fire throughout the series, fragging out as a variety of heroes, including his signature Tracer. Decay’s firepower gave Washington an early series lead when they took Game 1 on Oasis 2-0 on the back of Decay. Assassin and Jerry were effective in playing complementary roles to Decay, both of them taking Sombra and winning the respective matchup against Toronto’s Sombra specialist, Hee-su “Heesu” Jeong.

On the back of some crucial Hacks that canceled Heesu EMPs, the Justice took Temple of Anubis 2-0 in Game 2 and full-held Blizzard World for a 1-0 stomp to secure the series. The Justice looked polished and lethal, not allowing the Defiant to take a single point throughout the series. The Defiant will need to win on Saturday in order to keep their May Melee hopes alive.

In Friday’s other matchup, the Uprising (1-3) picked up their first win of the year in a 3-2 slugfest against the London Spitfire (0-3). Both teams have been eliminated from May Melee contention, but the win might spark the Uprising to improve looking down the road.

Boston started the series with a 2-1 win on Ilios in Game 1, but the Spitfire were quick to respond with a 2-1 win on Temple of Anubis. The Uprising then took Blizzard World 3-2 but couldn’t take a single point in Game 4 on Dorado, letting the Spitfire stick around with a 1-0 map win to force Game 5. There, both teams fought hard, but the Uprising emerged victorious 2-1 on Lijiang Tower.

Week 3 of the Overwatch League continues on Saturday with seven matches:
–Seoul Dynasty vs. Los Angeles Valiant
–Guangzhou Charge vs. Hangzhou Spark
–Shanghai Dragons vs. New York Excelsior (two matches)
–Florida Mayhem vs. Paris Eternal
–London Spitfire vs. Toronto Defiant
–San Francisco Shock vs. Atlanta Reign

Overwatch League standings, with win-loss record and map differential
T1. Philadelphia Fusion (East), 4-0, +9
T1. Washington Justice (West), 4-0, +9
3. Houston Outlaws (West), 4-0, +7
4. Chengdu Hunters (East), 3-1, +6
T5. San Francisco Shock (West), 2-1, +4
T5. Seoul Dynasty (East), 2-1, +4
T7. Florida Mayhem (West), 2-1, +1
T7. Shanghai Dragons (East), 2-1, +1
9. Toronto Defiant (West), 2-1, even
10. Dallas Fuel (West), 2-2, +2
11. Los Angeles Gladiators (West), 2-2, +2
12. Atlanta Reign (West), 1-2, even
T13. Guangzhou Charge (East), 1-2, -3
T13. Paris Eternal (West), 1-2, -3
15. New York Excelsior (East), 1-2, -4
16. Boston Uprising (West), 1-3, -7
17. Hangzhou Spark (East), 0-3, -5
18. London Spitfire (West), 0-3, -7
19. Los Angeles Valiant (East), 0-3, -8
20. Vancouver Titans (West), 0-4, -8

–Field Level Media

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