Reign, Justice open Week 3 with victories

The 2021 season of the Overwatch League continued Thursday with the Atlanta Reign and Washington Justice picking up victories as teams battle for spots in the knockout round of the upcoming May Melee tournament.

The Washington Justice (3-0) secured their spot in the upcoming May Melee event with a 3-1 win over the Boston Uprising (0-3). The defeat knocked the Uprising out of May Melee contention.

The Washington-Boston series was scrappy, with the Uprising managing to stay competitive. In the end, the superior firepower of the Justice could not be matched.

Washington opened with a 2-1 win on Busan. In Game 2, Justice rookie tank Tae-sung “Mag” Kim carried his team to a 3-2 victory on Volskaya Industries with some impressive Winston gameplay, putting Washington up 2-0 going into halftime.

While the Uprising took King’s Row 2-1 on the back of good brawl composition execution, they couldn’t hold on in Game 4, where the Justice took Havana 3-2 to secure the series win.

In Thursday’s other game, the Atlanta Reign (1-2) picked up their first win of the season with a 3-0 sweep of the Paris Eternal (1-2).

The Reign showed some flexibility in their team compositions, showcasing a poke composition that put DPS Se-hyun “Pelican” Oh on support to play Brigitte in Game 1 on Busan. The plan stifled the Eternal, leading to the Reign’s 2-1 win to start the series.

The Reign continued their roll in Game 2, taking Hanamura 3-2. In Game 3, the Reign pulled out some of their signature spawn-camping strategies, closing out the series 3-2 on Eichenwalde to pick up their first win of the season and to stay alive in the hunt for a berth into May Melee.

Week 3 of the Overwatch League continues Friday with six matches:
Los Angeles Valiant vs Guangzhou Charge
Seoul Dynasty vs New York Excelsior
Shanghai Dragons vs Hangzhou Spark
Boston Uprising vs London Spitfire
San Francisco Shock vs Florida Mayhem
Toronto Defiant vs Washington Justice

Overwatch League standings, with win-loss record and map differential
1. Philadelphia Fusion (East), 4-0, +9
2. Houston Outlaws (West), 4-0, +7
3. Washington Justice (West), 3-0, +6
4. Chengdu Hunters (East), 3-1, +6
5. Florida Mayhem (West), 2-0, +4
6. Toronto Defiant (West), 2-0, +3
7. Dallas Fuel (West), 2-2, +2
8. Los Angeles Gladiators (West), 2-2, +2
T9. Seoul Dynasty (East), 1-1, +1
T9. San Francisco Shock (West), 1-1, +1
11. Shanghai Dragons (East), 1-1, even
12. New York Excelsior (East), 1-1, -1
13. Atlanta Reign (West), 1-2, even
14. Paris Eternal (West), 1-2, -3
15. Hangzhou Spark (East), 0-2, -4
16. Los Angeles Valiant (East), 0-2, -5
T17. London Spitfire (West), 0-2, -6
T17. Guangzhou Charge (East), 0-2, -6
19. Boston Uprising (West), 0-3, -8
20. Vancouver Titans (West), 0-4, -8

–Field Level Media

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