Overwatch League altering Hero Pools again

Blizzard Entertainment is once again making changes to the Hero Pools used in Overwatch League play.

On Saturday, the organization announced that Hero Pools eligibility will be determined by hero usage rates from Overwatch League games.

In addition, Hero Pools will be used only in the Overwatch League and at the Master and Grandmaster ranks. Per Blizzard Entertainment, any game with an average skill rating of above 3,500 will have Hero Bans.

For the past several weeks, Blizzard Entertainment has used data from both the Overwatch League and high-level competitive play to determine which hero was more likely to sit out of the rotation. Now, they will redefine the Hero Pool algorithm to prevent the same few heroes from being banned.

Blizzard Entertainment has made numerous changes to the Hero Pool system it implemented in January.

–Field Level Media

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