New hero Echo out of Week 12 pool

It will be Echo, Tracer, Orisa and Moira sitting out this week in the Overwatch League, which announced the four have been removed from the Hero Pool for Week 12 competition.

The heroes will be playable across all of Overwatch’s competitive modes.

Available heroes are rotated each week in an effort to improve quality of play, increase hero diversity and force teams to adjust their match strategies. Two damage, one tank and one support are removed from the rotation each week.

Heroes are selected randomly from a group of eligible heroes based on play-rate data from the previous two weeks of matches. Only heroes that are played at least 10 percent of the time are eligible to be removed from the pool, and no hero can be removed on consecutive weeks.

Weighted selection probabilities based on hero play rate began with Week 9.

–Heroes with 10-25 percent play rate receive one ticket in the selection lottery
–25-50 percent play rate: two tickets
–50-75 percent play rate: three tickets
–75 percent-plus play rate: four tickets

Previous Hero Pool removals:
Week 11
–Damage: McCree and Widowmaker
–Tank: Reinhardt
–Support: Brigitte

Week 10
–Damage: Sombra, Reaper
–Support: Ana

Week 9
–Damage: McCree and Mei
–Tank: Wrecking Ball
–Support: Brigitte

Week 8
–Damage: Sombra and Soldier: 76
–Tank: Winston
–Support: Lucio

Weeks 6-7
No matches played

Week 5 (first week Hero Pools were implemented)
–Damage: McCree and Widowmaker
–Tank: Reinhardt
–Support: Moira

–Field Level Media

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