Los Angeles Valiant sign ColdesT

The Los Angeles Valiant announced the signing of former Hangzhou Spark player Xiaodong “ColdesT” Tong to their 2022 Overwatch League Roster.

ColdesT, 22, joins a revamped roster after the Valiant went 0-16 last season. Also joining the team for 2022 are Weida “Diya” Lu, Seokhyun “Innovation” Oh and Ilha “Becky” Kim along with former OWL player Seung-hyun “WooHyaL” Sung as an assistant coach and Gong “Cola” Mingyu as general manager.

ColdesT is known as a strong Zenyatta player who ranked as high as second in Asia using support heroes, according to Liquipedia records. He joined the Spark in January following nearly a year with Bilibili Gaming.

He was part of the Hangzhou team that finished second in the OWL 2020 – Countdown Cup.

–Field Level Media

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