Excelsior, Dragons move on to OWL’s June Joust

The June Joust knockouts in the Eastern region of the Overwatch League wrapped up on Sunday with two shocking series that led to the New York Excelsior and Shanghai Dragons earning a spot in the June Joust tournament.

In what has to be the stunner of the tournament, the fourth-seeded New York Excelsior (3-5, 4 points) took down the top-seeded Hangzhou Spark (5-3, 5 points) in a 3-1 series win. NYXL went from barely squeaking into the knockout round to eliminating the homestead hosts.

Everything seemed as expected in Game 1, where the Spark took a 2-0 win on Oasis. After that, though, the Excelsior took control, dominating Temple of Anubis 2-0. New York found a way to exploit Hangzhou when they had to initiate contact, setting up DPS Young-woo “Flora” Lim to tear through the Spark.

NYXL went ahead in the series in Game 3, where they had a great defensive showing on Numbani en route to a 3-2 map win. After that, the Spark were all but helpless, unable to answer New York as the Excelsior full-held Hangzhou for a 1-0 win on Dorado to win the series 3-1 and qualify for the June Joust.

Sunday’s other match saw the Shanghai Dragons (6-2, 9 points) dominate the Seoul Dynasty (6-2, 6 points) in a 3-0 series sweep. This series got ugly fast as Shanghai support Jae-gon “LeeJaeGon” Lee picked up 10 environmental kills as Lucio on Lijiang Tower, essentially single-handedly winning the map 2-0 for Shanghai.

Things continued to stay grim for the Dynasty as they couldn’t find a single matchup to exploit across the board. Shanghai was in full control as it took Temple of Anubis 2-1 with a blazing fast attack round, finishing with 4:52 on the clock. After that display, the Dragons took to Hollywood, where they picked up a 2-0 win to wrap up the 3-0 sweep to earn a berth in the June Joust.

The OWL teams have been competing in three weeks of matches to determine qualification for the June Joust’s double-elimination playoff brackets, which will be contested next week, with two teams from each region advancing.

The June Joust Knockouts conclude later Sunday with four matches from the West division:
Dallas Fuel vs. Houston Outlaws
Boston Uprising vs. Atlanta Reign
Los Angeles Gladiators vs. TBD
San Francisco Shock vs. TBD

Overwatch League standings by region, with win-loss record, map differential and league points:

1. Dallas Fuel, 5-3, +7, 8
2. San Francisco Shock, 7-1, +13, 7
3. Houston Outlaws, 7-1, +12, 7
4. Los Angeles Gladiators, 6-2, +11, 6
5. Washington Justice, 5-3, +5, 5
6. Florida Mayhem, 4-4, -1, 5
7. Atlanta Reign, 4-4, +5, 4
8. Toronto Defiant, 4-4, -3, 4
9. Boston Uprising, 3-5, -4, 3
10. Paris Eternal, 3-5, -5, 3
T11. Vancouver Titans, 0-8, -20, 0
T11. London Spitfire, 0-8, -20, 0

1. Shanghai Dragons, 6-2, +9, 9
2. Seoul Dynasty, 6-2, +11, 6
3. Philadelphia Fusion, 6-2, +10, 6
4. Hangzhou Spark, 5-3, +8, 5
5. Chengdu Hunters, 4-4, +2, 4
6. New York Excelsior, 3-5, -6, 4
7. Guangzhou Charge, 2-6, -12, 2
8. Los Angeles Valiant, 0-8, -22, 0

–By Noah Waltzer, Field Level Media

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