Dynasty, Dragons pick up wins at June Joust qualifiers

Week 7 of the 2021 Overwatch League kicked off in the Eastern Region on Saturday, with the Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons picking up wins.

The Seoul Dynasty (4-1, 4 points) looked strong in their 3-1 win over the New York Excelsior (2-5, 2 points). The Dynasty made their June Joust debut in style, putting Jaehui “Gesture” Hong on his signature Roadhog for a majority of the game.

Sure, it was difficult for Gesture to walk around unimpeded, especially with former league MVP Seong Hyun “JJoNak” Bang’s Ana constantly hitting him with Biotic Grenades and Sleep Darts. However, Gesture ensured that the pressure would be off DPS Dong Eon “FITS” Kim, who absolutely dominated this match.

Seoul started with a 2-1 win in Game 1 on Oasis, but then fell short on Junkertown, letting New York take that map 3-2 to tie the series at 1-1. After that, though, FITS started to come alive, dealing massive damage as Ashe as the Dynasty full-held Hanamura for a 1-0 win in Game 3. With their backs to the wall, New York looked to shut the Dynasty’s shield-less composition down, but FITS and company proved to be too much as Seoul took Game 4 on Hollywood 4-3 to wrap up the series.

In other Saturday action, the Shanghai Dragons (5-2, 7 points) took down the Los Angeles Valiant (0-5, 0 points) in a 3-0 sweep. The match wasn’t perfect, since there was a draw, but the Dragons were infallible for most of the match.

Shanghai started with a 2-0 win in Game 1 on Busan, followed by a 3-1 win on Rialto in Game 2. After both teams split Volskaya Industries with a 1-1 score in Game 3, the Dragons recovered with a dominant 1-0 full-hold of Numbani to close the series.

The OWL teams are competing in three weeks of matches to determine qualification for the June Joust’s double-elimination playoff brackets, which will be contested June 6-12.

The top six teams from the West and the top four teams from the East will make the initial playoff rounds. Two teams from each region will advance to the double-elimination final playoff round.

June Joust qualifiers continue on Saturday with three matches:
Houston Outlaws vs London Spitfire (West)
San Francisco Shock vs Toronto Defiant (West)
Atlanta Reign vs Los Angeles Gladiators (West)

Overwatch League standings, with win-loss record, map differential and league points
1. Shanghai Dragons (East), 5-2, +7, 7
2. Dallas Fuel (West), 3-2, +5, 6
3. Houston Outlaws (West), 5-1, +7, 5
4. Florida Mayhem (West), 4-2, +3, 5
5. Seoul Dynasty (East), 4-1, +9, 4
T6. Philadelphia Fusion (East), 4-2, +5, 4
T6. Chengdu Hunters (East), 4-2, +5, 4
8. Washington Justice (West), 4-2, +3, 4
9. Toronto Defiant (West), 4-2, +1, 3
10. San Francisco Shock (West), 3-1, +5, 3
11. Los Angeles Gladiators (West), 3-2, +5, 3
12. Atlanta Reign (West), 3-3, +4, 3
13. Hangzhou Spark (East), 3-3, +3, 3
14. Boston Uprising (West), 3-3, -1, 3
15. Paris Eternal (West), 2-4, -4, 2
16. Guangzhou Charge (East), 2-4, -6, 2
17. New York Excelsior (East), 2-5, -9, 2
18. Vancouver Titans (West), 0-5, -11, 0
19. Los Angeles Valiant (East), 0-5, -14, 0
20. London Spitfire (West), 0-7, -17, 0

–By Noah Waltzer, Field Level Media

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