Chengdu Hunters dominate in extending unbeaten start

Saturday’s action in the Eastern Region of the Overwatch League saw the Philadelphia Fusion and Chengdu Hunters add to their unbeaten starts.

The biggest story in the Eastern Region is the emergence of the Hunters (3-0). That trend continued as they took down the new-look New York Excelsior (0-1) in a 3-0 sweep. The star of the show for Chengdu was OWL rookie DPS Huang “leave” Xin, who dazzled on an array of heroes that included Sombra, Echo and Ashe.

This series was particularly one-sided, as the Hunters pitched a complete shutout, not surrendering a single point or tick throughout the series. Chengdu started with a 2-0 win on Nepal in Game 1, followed by a 1-0 full-hold of Dorado in Game 2. Finally, the Hunters posted a 2-0 win on Anubis to complete the series domination.

In other Saturday action, the Fusion spoiled the 2021 debut of the Hangzhou Spark (0-1) by winning 3-1. Philadelphia fell behind early, losing Game 1 on Lijiang Tower 2-1 due to a mistimed point contest on the final point of the map. From then on, though, it was all Fusion.

The Fusion rolled through Game 2 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar 3-2 and took Hanamura 2-1 in Game 3. During this stretch, Fusion DPS star JaeHyeok “Carpe” Lee made league history by picking up the 10,000th kill of his career. Philadelphia would finish the series off on a high note, taking Eichenwalde 2-1 to complete the series win.

Week 2 of the Overwatch League continues on Saturday with three matches:
(West) Houston Outlaws vs. Paris Eternal
(West) Boston Uprising vs. Los Angeles Gladiators
(West) Washington Justice vs. Dallas Fuel

Overwatch League standings, with win-loss record and map differential:
1. Chengdu Hunters (East), 3-0, +8
2. Philadelphia Fusion (East), 3-0, +7
3. Florida Mayhem (West), 2-0, +4
4. Toronto Defiant (West), 2-0, +3
5. Houston Outlaws (West), 2-0, +2
6. Paris Eternal (West), 1-0, +2
T7. Dallas Fuel (West), 1-1, +1
T7. Seoul Dynasty (East), 1-1, +1
T7. San Francisco Shock (West), 1-1, +1
10. Shanghai Dragons (East), 1-1, even
11. Los Angeles Gladiators (West), 1-2, -1
T12. Washington Justice (West), 0-0, even
T12. Boston Uprising (West), 0-0, even
14. Hangzhou Spark (East), 0-1, -2
T15. New York Excelsior (East), 0-1, -3
T15. London Spitfire (West), 0-1, -3
17. Atlanta Reign (West), 0-2, -3
18. Los Angeles Valiant (East), 0-2, -5
19. Guangzhou Charge (East), 0-2, -6
20. Vancouver Titans (West), 0-3, -6

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