Vampire Esports win PUBG Mobile World Invitational

Vampire Esports claimed the $525,000 top prize at the $2 million PUBG Mobile World Invitational in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Vampire Esports advanced to next week’s $1 milion Afterparty Showdown along the rest of the top-five finishers: Team Falcons, Stalwart Esports, Nigma Galaxy and DAMWON Gaming.

Vampire’s victorious all-Thai active roster features Purin “Stoned” Rongkhankaew, Supachai “SchwepXz” Singkaew, Thanarat “Rvenclaw” Makhotsa, Natchapone “Fluketh” Somtus and Kritsada “2Stopz” Penglek.

Stoned received an additional $5,000 for the event’s Gunslinger award and ShewepXz pocketed $5,000 as the Grenade Master.

Suhbat “Action” Galtsalam of Stalwart Esports earned $10,000 as the tourney’s Most Valuable Player.

The tournament began Thursday with 18 teams, including champions from 17 regional leagues and Team Falcons as a host country invitee. Competing in a single-lobby format, each team played a total of 18 matches (six per day).

Final standings and earnings from the $2 million prize pool:
1. Vampire Esports, $525,000
2. Team Falcons, $325,000
3. Stalwart Esports, $185,000
4. Nigma Galaxy, $125,000
5. DAMWON Gaming, $100,000
6. Regans Gaming, $80,000
7. Istanbul Wildcats, $73,000
8. Morph Team, $69,000
9. Keyd Stars, $65,000
10. Back2Back, $62,000
11. Team SouL, $58,500
12. Box Gaming, $55,000
13. 4Rivals, $52,500
14. Donuts USG, $50,000
15. Virtual Gaming Squad, $47,500
16. TJB Esports EU, $45,000
17. Aton Esports, $42,500
18. 52 Esports, $40,000

–Field Level Media

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