PUBG’s PCS4 to feature $1M prize pool

The PUBG Continental Series 4, which begins Thursday, is set to feature a $1 million prize pool for the first time.

Four regions (Americas, Europe, Asia and Asia Pacific) will each see 16 teams battle out for prize pools of $250,000 per region. The total marks a 25 percent increase over the prize pool of $800,000 for PCS3.

That prize pool will also grow with added revenue from the PCS4 Pick’Em Challenge, a fantasy sports-style contest for PUBG fans to win in-game rewards by predicting outcomes during the tournament. PCS4 announced that 30 percent of the Pick’Em Challenge’s revenue will be added to the overall prize pool.

Susquehanna Soniqs, which won the North American regional in both PCS2 and PCS 3, is back as one of 16 teams competing in PCS4: Americas.

The team that earns the most prize money over three weeks of matches will be crowned its region’s champion and take home an additional $20,000 grand prize, with other bonuses available.

–Field Level Media

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