Krafton reveals details of PUBG’s $1M PCS4

The PUBG Continental Series 4 will feature four regional tournaments and more than $1 million in prize money, Krafton, the game’s creator, announced on Thursday.

The regions are the Americas, Europe, Asia and Asia-Pacific, with 16 teams representing each region.

Each region will feature its own qualifying structure and a $250,000 prize pool.

The Grand Finals for each region will be played out over six days and three weekends.

For the North America and Latin America region, there will be separate open qualifiers (May 5-12), followed by a group stage (May 14-20, $25,000 prize pool) and a last chance qualifying stage (May 22-23, $20,000). The top six from each group stage and the top four from the last chance qualifier will make up the 16 teams in the Grand Final.

The Grand Finals dates for each region:
Americas: June 10-11, June 17-18, June 24-25
Asia-Pacific: June 10-11, June 17-18, June 24-25
Europe: June 12-13, June 19-20, June 26-27
Asia: June 12-13, June 19-20, June 26-27

–Field Level Media

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