76ers GC leap into fourth place with sweep

While some teams in the NBA 2K season continue to congregate at the top and bottom of the standings, there is room for jockeying in the middle. 76ers GC took advantage of such an opportunity by sweeping Raptors Uprising GC on Friday night to leapfrog into fourth place in the Eastern Conference.

76ers GC won 84-61 and 91-86, while NetsGC split with Knicks Gaming, winning 90-85 and losing 78-67. That set of results allowed the 76ers to improve their positioning, as only the top five teams in each conference are assured a playoff berth.

Dre Marshall led the Philadelphia-based squad with 37 points and 10 assists in the 84-61 win. Alexander “Steez” Bernstein added 15 points, nine rebounds and four assists. In the closer matchup, Dre accounted for 33 points and 13 assists.

In the night’s other series, Jazz Gaming swept Lakers Gaming 86-59 and 75-61 to move into a fifth-place tie with Pistons GT in the West, while Warriors Gaming Squad split with Cavs Legion GC, winning 74-71 and losing 91-89.

The NBA 2K League regular season runs through Aug. 14, with 12 teams in the Eastern Conference and 11 in the Western Conference. The top five teams from each conference advance to the playoffs.

The season includes three tournaments: The Tipoff (May 19-22, won by T-Wolves Gaming), The Turn (July 14-17, won by Hornets Venom GT) and The Ticket (Aug. 19-21). The Ticket will include the 13 teams that didn’t automatically qualify for the postseason, and the event’s top two finishers will earn playoff berths.

Early rounds of the playoffs are scheduled for Aug. 26-28, and the championship match will be Sept. 4.

Week 7 action continues Saturday with four doubleheaders:
–Pacers Gaming vs. T-Wolves Gaming
–Magic Gaming vs. Jazz Gaming
–76ers GC vs. Hornets Venom GT
–Heat Check Gaming vs. NetsGC

NBA 2K League standings (top five teams from each conference reach the playoffs, with two more berths to be determined by The Ticket tournament)
Eastern Conference
1. Wizards District Gaming, 14-4
2. Hornets Venom GT, 13-5
3. Grizz Gaming, 12-6
4. 76ers GC, 11-7
5. NetsGC, 12-8
6. Knicks Gaming, 12-10
T7. Celtics Crossover Gaming, 10-10
T7. Magic Gaming, 10-10
T7. Gen.G Tigers, 9-9
10. Heat Check Gaming, 8-10
11. Hawks Talon GC, 5-15
12. Raptors Uprising GC, 5-17
Western Conference
1. Pacers Gaming, 15-5
2. T-Wolves Gaming, 14-6
T3. Warriors Gaming Squad, 11-7
T3. Kings Guard Gaming, 11-7
T5. Pistons GT, 9-7
T5. Jazz Gaming, 9-7
7. Blazer5 Gaming, 8-8
8. Mavs Gaming, 6-12
9. Cavs Legion GC, 7-15
10. Bucks Gaming, 4-16
11. Lakers Gaming, 3-17

–Field Level Media

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