Noahupnxt tops Ai-Nash in Madden Thanksgiving final

Noah “Noahupnxt” Johnson beat Javaris “Ai-Nash” Thomas 27-15 on Wednesday to win the Madden Ultimate Thanksgiving 22 tournament.

Noahupnxt earned $75,000 as the champion, his second Madden Championship Series title. Ai-Nash pocketed $35,000 as the runner-up.

“Feel like a winner,” Noahupnxt said after the match while taking a bite of a turkey leg.

In the semifinals earlier Wednesday, Noahupnxt defeated Henry “Henry” Leverette 17-3. Ai-Nash defeated Dwayne “CleffTheGod” Wood II
17-14 on a 21-yard touchdown pass with 10 seconds remaining.

The next major Madden Championship Series event is the Madden Ultimate Wild Card 22, scheduled for Jan. 13-14.

–Field Level Media

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