Henry captures Ultimate Wild Card 22 for first MCS belt

Henry “Henry” Leverette won his first individual Madden Championship Series belt, topping Kerry “K3rryq” Lee 31-24 in the final of the Madden Ultimate Wild Card 22 event on Friday.

The victory makes Henry, 18, the only player ever to earn both Madden individual and team championships.

K3rryq had a shot to tie the game on the final play of regulation, but he threw an incomplete pass from the 10-yard line, with the ball knocked down at the goal line.

“He got in the red zone, and I just knew that if I could play coverage, nothing gets open,” Henry said.

Following his win, Henry compared himself to an early-career LeBron James for getting to a lot of finals but never winning the title.

“I feel like Bron with the Heat. Y’all heard what he said, ‘It’s about time. It’s about time.’ Been here for a while, finally got it done. Oh, man. It’s finally done.”

In the semifinals earlier Friday, second-ranked Henry def. eighth-ranked “Spamminbuttons” 28-20, and seventh-ranked K3rryq got past ninth-ranked Wesley “Wesley” Gittens 30-7.

Madden Ultimate Wild Card prize pool
1. $75,000 — Henry “Henry” Leverette
2. $35,000 — Kerry “K3rryq” Lee
3-4. $25,000 — Wesley “Wesley” Gittens, “Spamminbuttons”
5-8. $15,000 — Noah “Noahupnxt” Johnson, George “DntCareAboutIce” Swartz, Michael “VoLTeRaX” Bryant, Drini “Drini” Gjoka

–Field Level Media

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