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LGD, UOL claim final qualifier spots at 2020 Worlds

LGD Gaming and Unicorns of Love swept their way into group play on the final day of play-ins at the 2020 Season World Championship on Wednesday.

In a faster night of play-ins, UoL blanked SuperMassive and LGD blew past Legacy Esports for the final qualifier spots.

SuperMassive surprised in the semi-finals overtaking MAD Lions, but facing one of the top dogs in play-ins proved more difficult.

In the first game of the series, SuperMassive got a few picks before a dragon fight that gave UoL’s Twitch a triple kill, SuperMassive did well to focus the Twitch after that point, but the rest of UoL would clean up after SuperMassive wasted some resources. Unicorns of Love did a good job using leverages they had, and turning it into objectives and a bigger lead to win the first game of the series.

LOL Worlds

In the second, it took only 10 minutes for SuperMassive to get aced in a fight around bottom river, giving a triple kill away to UoL’s Kassadin. From there, SUP did still get good picks, but UoL came out on top in another team fight, and soon enough they took the baron and pushed for a victory.

In the last game, UoL took Vayne mid who gave SuperMassive’s Sett mid a hard time in lane. The individual members of UoL played well in the laning phase, their Wukong top even securing a solo kill on the Sion, and once again they used an early lead to end the game, this time taking the entire series with it.

The day also saw LGD sweep LGC to earn a hard-won qualifier spot.

In the first game, although the kills were close to even for the first 20 minutes of the game, LGD played incredibly proactively. They used the strength of their Renekton top, the crowd control from their Leona support, and the threat of the Twisted Fate mid to assert dominance on the map, and overtook LGC heavily on towers. By the time LGC tried to take a fight to contest a cloud dragon, LGD’s gold lead and fortunate positioning brought them out on top and they took the first game of the series.

The second game was more intense, LGC picking Draven ADC and putting him to work. They did a good job holding LGD’s Kassadin at bay and got ahead by bursting him whenever he’d try to enter the fight. They were close to mountain soul, but a steal by LGD’s Nidalee bought them crucial time to hang on. A baron play towards the end by LGC after catching out Kassadin proved fatal, as LGD’s four other members with full, or near full, health collapsed on them, wiped them out, and took a second victory.

The third game ended with little answers from LGC, as LGD bullied their Twitch and moved as a team all over the map to claim the series 3-0. LGD played with smart drafts, smart decision making and smooth mechanics to earn them a spot moving forward.

–Field Level Media

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