T1 move into LCK finals against top seed Gen.G

T1 dropped DragonX 3-1 on Wednesday to earn their way into the finals of the League Champions Korea 2020 spring playoffs.

In Saturday’s best-of-five final, T1 will meet regular-season champion Gen.G, which finished 14-4 and advanced straight to the championship. T1 had the same record but finished in second place based on tiebreaker rules.

The champion clinches a berth in the 2020 Mid-Season Invitational. The event will include the top teams from every League of Legends region.

The League of Legends LCK 2020 spring season prize pool (conversion from South Korean Won):
1. TBD, $82,210
2. TBD, $49,326
3. Dragon X, $24,663
4. DAMWON Gaming, $16,442
5. KT Rolster, $12,331.50

–Field Level Media

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