RNG remain unbeaten in MSI Rumble stage

Day 2 of the 2021 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational Rumble stage on Saturday saw Royal Never Give Up take sole possession of first place ahead of DWG KIA and MAD Lions.

RNG (4-0) started the day with a quick and decisive win over Pentanet.GG (0-4), leading to their clash against the LEC’s MAD Lions (3-1). RNG was in control from the jump, holding a gold lead through the early-mid game despite losing some teamfights to MAD.

After RNG took a Baron Nashor at 21 minutes, they were well ahead, refusing to fight the MAD Lions’ team fighting composition and split pushing them to death. Royal Never Give Up took what MAD Lions gave them and turned it into a 36-minute win to take sole possession of first place in the Rumble stage standings.

Similarly, DWG KIA (3-1) went 2-0 on the day by taking out PGG and Cloud9 (0-4). DWG KIA set an MSI record against Pentanet.GG, only giving up one kill in their win in 19:32, the fastest in MSI history. Things weren’t as easy against C9, though, as the LCS representatives took the lead early on with a double enchanter, double marksmen composition. However, Cloud9 couldn’t capitalize on their early leads.

With DWG KIA drafting a better late-game scaling composition with Senna-Tahm Kench in the bottom lane and a traditional, armor stacking tank in the top lane, DWG KIA outlasted Cloud9’s window and took the game in 34 minutes. Cloud9 would go on to lose to PSG Talon (2-2) in 29 minutes, continuing their disappointing losing streak at 0-4.

PSG Talon and MAD Lions battled in the last game of the day to determine who would end Day 2 tied for second in the standings alongside DWG KIA. Early on, both teams were proactive on the map, with PSG taking kills and MAD taking objectives. As time went on, though, MAD Lions would stabilize, creating incremental advantages that would balloon throughout the mid-late game. MAD Lions held off PSG Talon, taking the game in 35 minutes.

The 11-team Mid-Season Invitational, which runs through May 23, is being held between the first and second splits of all regions. Teams were drawn into three groups based on seeding, with the top two teams from each group advancing to Stage 2.

Stage 2, the Rumble Round, runs through Tuesday and consists of a double round robin from which the top four teams will make the knockout round. As in Stage 1, all Stage 2 matches are best-of-one.

The knockout round will consist of single-elimination semifinals and the final, with all three matches best-of-five. The championship team will receive 30 percent of the prize pool, which will be a minimum of $250,000.

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational standings:
1. Royal Never Give Up, 4-0
T2. MAD Lions, 3-1
T2. DWG KIA, 3-1
4. PSG Talon, 2-2
T5. Pentanet.GG, 0-4
T5. Cloud9, 0-4

–Noah Waltzer, Field Level Media

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