Riot cancels All-Star Event due to COVID-related travel restrictions

Riot Games will not hold a League of Legends All-Star Event this year due to new travel restrictions pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization announced Tuesday.

“To ensure the health and safety of everyone participating in our events this year, there were a variety of travel requirements placed on pros and staff, as well as strict protocols for anyone coming to one of our venues or broadcast studios, in addition to restrictions mandated by origin and destination locales,” Riot said in a website post. “These safety and travel protocols make accommodating for a 3-day All-Star Event especially challenging.”

According to Riot, requirements would have included pre- and post-event quarantines that would have impinged upon the offseason break for participants of both the Worlds and the All-Star Event. The quarantine periods would have lasted longer than the duration of the event itself.

The All-Star Event was held in an online-only format last year, but Riot said it did not want to take that approach again because “we do not feel that this format truly captures the spirit of ASE, which is to bring pros, influencers, and fans together to celebrate the LoL Esports season with cross-regional competition.”

The All-Star Event has been held in December each year since 2015. It was held in May for the first two years of its existence.

The new season is still set to begin Jan. 14 for North America and Europe.

–Field Level Media

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