MAD Lions, PSG Talon finish 1-2 in Group B at MSI

Group B of the 2021 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational wrapped up Monday with the MAD Lions (5-1) taking the first seed and PSG Talon (4-2) taking the second seed.

Both teams locked in spots in the MSI Rumble stage before their second match against each other.

MAD started on a rough note, losing in 30 minutes to fastPay Wildcats (1-5) to begin Monday’s action. Wildcats bottom laner Anil “HolyPhoenix” Isik was huge for the Turkish representatives, posting a 7/0/6 KDA (kills/deaths/assists) as Kaisa.

Nevertheless, the LEC representatives bounced back against Brazil’s paiN Gaming (2-4). Despite PNG controlling the first 22 minutes of the game, MAD Lions came roaring back with a teamfight win at 22 minutes that put them in the driver’s seat. Soon after, the MAD Lions had beaten paiN Gaming and locked themselves and PSG Talon into the Rumble stage.

PSG Talon was scrappy throughout Monday’s action, beating paiN Gaming in 32 minutes and then taking out fastPay Wildcats in 33 minutes. Against the MAD Lions, though, PSG’s early game lead wasn’t enough to secure a win. MAD Lions’ late game kiting and teamfighting were executed to perfection, leaving PSG Talon without an avenue to win late game teamfights.

MAD Lions really took over the game against PSG Talon at 28 minutes, when the Lions caught PSG napping, taking a free Baron Nashor and four kills in the ensuing fight for a 5,000 gold swing. After some more fighting, the MAD Lions of Europe took down PSG Talon’s Nexus in 34 minutes to win some bragging rights as both teams head to the Rumble stage.

In the battle of eliminated teams, paiN Gaming took out fastPay Wildcats in an action-packed match that saw seven kills happen inside of four minutes. paiN Gaming survived the bloodbath early on and went on to win in 28 minutes, taking 3rd place in the group and locking fastPay Wildcats into last place.

The 11-team Mid-Season Invitational, which runs through May 23, is being held between the first and second splits of all regions. Teams were drawn into three groups based on seeding. Groups B and C are double-round robin while Group A is quadruple-round robin. The top two teams from each group advance to Stage 2.

Stage 2, the “Rumble Round,” consists of a double round robin from which the top four teams will make the knockout round. As in Stage 1, all Stage 2 matches are best-of-one.

The knockout round will consist of single-elimination semifinals and the final, with all three matches best-of-five. The championship team will receive 30 percent of the prize pool, which will be a minimum of $250,000.

League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational standings
Group A
1. Royal Never Give Up, 4-0
T2. Unicorns of Love, 1-3
T2. Pentanet.GG, 1-3

Group B
1. MAD Lions, 5-1
2. PSG Talon, 4-2
3. paiN Gaming, 2-4
4. Istanbul Wildcats, 1-5

Group C
1. DWG KIA, 3-0
T2. Cloud9, 1-2
T2. DetonatioN FocusMe, 1-2
T2. Infinity Esports, 1-2

–Noah Waltzer, Field Level Media

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