LPL to resume March 9 with online matches

The Chinese League of Legends Pro League (LPL) announced the 2020 season will resume March 9 with all matches being held online and players competing from their team headquarters.

It marks the first time a professional LOL season will be conducted online.

The season has been on hiatus since Week 1 on Jan. 26, with play paused in response to the coronavirus outbreak. The league began holding online scrimmages this week before Thursday’s announcement that the season will resume March 9.

“The LPL is Back,” the league said in a statement posted on Twitter.

In addition to all matches being online rather than in esports venues, players will be required to complete at 14-day monitored quarantine period and “meet all local health requirements” before they are cleared to resume playing in the league. Players who live in quarantined provinces and are unable to leave will be allowed to compete from home.

The LPL will have on-site referees to “ensure the fairness and impartiality for each match.”

“There will likely be some unforeseen technical difficulties, but we will try our best to deal with them in a timely fashion,” the statement read. “We expect to continue to bring everyone the exciting and action-packed gameplay that the LPL has been known for.”

–Field Level Media

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