EDG can’t compete as too many members quarantined at home

EDward Gaming is in jeopardy of essentially forfeiting its season as five players and coaches are stuck in their own homes and unable to make it to team headquarters due to the coronavirus outbreak.

EDward Gaming currently is 1-1 in the League of Legends LPL Spring Split.

The LPL is China’s professional LoL league. In mid-January, the league suspended play after only one week because of the coronavirus outbreak. After a month without games, the league announced the season would resume as an online-only competition.

Play resumed Monday and most teams played out of their headquarters. EDG is located in Shanghai, but those five members are stuck at home and unable to travel anywhere.

“Our junglers are all stuck at home, and we only have JunJia as our foreign sub,” EDG tweeted Monday, per translation by VPEsports. “Our top laner Jinoo can’t play on site either. We are severely impacted. Our coach isn’t able to return, and this basically means regrouping for EDG, so see you in the Summer Split. I don’t think we are ready for the ‘spring semester,’ we’ll start in the ‘summer semester’ and the spring will be like a hospital for us.”

The team members quarantined at home and unable to compete are:

Lim “Jinoo” Jin-woo (top laner)
Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie (jungler)
Chang “Xinyi” (jungler)
Ming “Clearlove” Kai (head coach)
Lee “Heart” Gwan-hyung (assistant coach)

EDG is scheduled to resume play in the spring split Thursday against Suning.

–Field Level Media

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