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Innocent leaves Mad Lions, seeking new team

Pawel “Innocent” Mocek has left Mad Lions’ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team and is seeking a new opportunity, he announced Saturday.

Innocent left Illuminar Gaming on Aug. 5 to join Mad Lions. He said that despite being with the team less than two months — he played just 27 maps — he made the right choice to sign on.

“I honestly consider my time there as a decent job and a nice learning experience,” the 26-year-old from Poland said in a TwitLonger post. “I’ve played mostly new spots for me, put a lot of my time to learn and understand them and it’s leaving me with another small bag of experience going further.” said the organization is seeking to return to “a Danish-speaking composition.”

“I don’t see myself leaving as a big let down,” Innocent said. “It was actually a big surprise for me to get an opportunity to join 4 Danes, and I was pretty aware that sooner or later the team will either turn more international or go back to Danish.”

Mad Lions’ coach, Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu, said he appreciated Innocent’s efforts.

“You’ve been an absolute pleasure to work with Pawel, really committed on making things work and going out of ur comfortable zone to help us,” peacemaker posted on Twitter. “Hope to see you soon playing for a great team.”

That’s what Innocent said he wants.

“I am not looking to take a break, I don’t have burnout symptoms,” he wrote, continuing, “I improved A LOT in past 1.5 years and I feel I continue to develop, give me a shot and I will do my absolute best, whether it’s trial, standin or permanent. I am hard on myself, I only look to improvements and bringing only positivity to the team.”

–Field Level Media

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