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Hangzhou Spark add Shy to OWL roster

Hangzhou Spark moved Zheng “Shy” Yangjie to their main roster in the Overwatch League, a big move after saying goodbye to five of their players last week.

Shy just turned 18 the day he was added to the team, although Spark had noticed his talent before then. Their academy team, BiliBili Gaming, had scouted Shy and picked him up after he was one of the final contenders in the 2018 Overwatch World Cup at 16.

Although Shy had taken a break after the academy team remained stagnant in the standings, he is now entering the competitive scene once again. Shy will bid to give Hangzhou Spark a chance to improve upon last year’s showing, in which the team had more losses than wins.

At the very least, it’s a step forward for Spark in putting back together their roster with a player whose potential is about to be unleashed.

–Field Level Media

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