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Gen.G launches $1 million scholarship fund

Esports organization Gen.G is pledging $1 million over the next 10 years to fund scholarships for students interested in pursuing careers in gaming or selected other professions.

The group on Thursday announced the creation of the Gen.G Foundation and said it would commit $100,000 each year over the next decade to fund it.

The scholarships will support women, low-income students or people of color who want to major in gaming, esports, entrepreneurship, journalism or content creation at colleges and universities throughout the United States, Gen.G said. Ten students — the “Gen 10,” as called by the organization — will receive the scholarship in 2020, with applications accepted beginning Sept. 15 and awarded in December.

“The gaming industry has only scratched the surface of developing talented young gamers who can lead the industry’s next generation,” said Chris Park, CEO of Gen.G. “This and future classes of the ‘Gen 10’ will strengthen the diversity and representation that gaming needs to reach its full potential.”

Founding partners in the initiative include the University of Kentucky, Eastern Michigan University, Silicon Valley Bank and Bumble.

–Field Level Media

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