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Gen.G, Fnatic advance from Group C at LOL Worlds

Saturday’s League of Legends Group Stage action saw Group C complete their second round robin. After six games, with no tiebreakers needed, history was made as the LCK’s Gen.G (5-1) took the first seed and the LEC’s Fnatic (4-2) took the second seed. Meanwhile, Team SoloMid (0-6) became the first-ever first seed from one of the major regions to go winless in the Group Stage.

The last match of the evening ended up being the main event of the day as Gen.G took down Fnatic in a lightning-fast match. Both teams were 2-0 on the day, with the winner taking the first spot from the group into the Knockout rounds. While Fnatic had looked clean all day, They fell apart against Gen.G’s early pressure and crumbled in the mid-game.

Gen.G top laner Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee’s Renekton was the catalyst for Gen.G’s win, bullying his lane matchup and getting everyone else on Gen.G ahead through a massive 4-for-0 fight at four minutes where he teleported into the bottom lane to set things up. Rascal would earn Player of the Match honors and finish with a 5/2/5 KDA (Kills/Deaths/Assists) as Gen.G dominated the most important game of the Group Stage.

While Fnatic stumbled against Gen.G, they undoubtedly earned their spot in the Knockout stage. For better or for worse, every Fnatic match on Saturday ended in under 30 minutes, a side effect of Fnatic’s love of early aggression. Against the LPL’s LGD Gaming (3-3), Fnatic rumbled their way to a 28-minute win with constant fighting, most of it started by the Player of the Match, support Zdravets “Hylissang” Iliev Galabov. Hylissang’s Leona was instrumental to Fnatic’s high-tempo strategy, helping Fnatic take first blood before a minute had passed in-game.

While Gen.G and Fnatic move on, the two losers in Group C now end their seasons with varying levels of scrutiny. LGD Gaming, the LPL’s fourth seed, were expected to at least compete in the group, which they did. LGD ended up going 1-2 in the last day of competition, but their matches were competitive, and they managed to win half of their games. For TSM, however, the results are a much tougher pill to swallow.

TSM went 0-3 in the final day of competition in some truly heartbreaking games. First, getting dominated by Fnatic to start the day, then losing despite some attempted heroics from rookie jungler Mingyi “Spica” Lu’s Lillia before finally getting beaten in their last game of the series. North American fans’ misery continues as the LCS’ top seed failed to win a single game at Worlds, the only team to do so thus far in the tournament.

–Field Level Media

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