Team Secret bow out of Fortnite

Team Secret elected to remove themselves from Fortnite competition and released their entire roster, the organization announced Friday.

Team Secret, who participated in Fortnite since April 2018, explained their reasoning Friday on Twitter.

“Today marks the end of a journey that began two years ago,” Team Secret wrote. “Fortnite has been a great ride but is developing a bit differently than what we expected. Today, we announce our exit from @FortniteGame. Thank you to the members of #SecretFortnite”

The organization’s Twitter account added a bit of context for their decision.

“While Fortnite is still a great content creator and player platform, unfortunately, it’s making less and less sense for competitive orgs to be involved,” Team Secret wrote. “We may find a role in Fortnite in the future but for now, Thank you and farewell to all members of #SecretFortnite.”

Team Secret released the remaining members of the roster: Konrad “Skram” Skram, Domeniks “Domentos” Bunts and Layton “Mexe” Partridge.

–Field Level Media

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