‘Sofa’ announces retirement from Fortnite

Former Fortnite player Alex “Sofa” Kolich announced his retirement from competitive play over social media on Wednesday afternoon.

“Giving my Fortnite career some closure,” Sofa wrote in a TwitLonger post. “For the last two years, I had the ‘esports experience.’ I was able to travel around the country playing in million-dollar tournaments, met some amazing people, and was able to play a game I loved for hours on end for my job.”

Sofa shed a little light as to his reasoning for calling an end to his Fortnite career.

“Sometimes everything doesn’t go right,” Sofa said in his post. “I had to deal with many new issues in and outside of the game. These issues became so problematic that it led me to start disliking the game and made it very difficult to stay motivated to improve.”

–Field Level Media

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