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Fornite coach accuses Newbee of stealing $100K from players

A Fortnite coach levied an accusation against Newbee, claiming that the Chinese esports organization stole $100,000 from its players in last year’s World Cup.

Fortnite coach Rhidax, who works with players in the European and Asian regions, made the accusations in a series of tweets.

“Newbee trapped their players in contracts and stole all Fortnite prize money since WC, including 2 world cup qualifiers ($100,000+ stolen),” Rhidax posted on Twitter.

The Fortnite World Cup guaranteed $50,000 just for qualifying, which Newbee players XXM and XMende did, finishing in 49th place out of 50 duos. However, Rhidax claims neither player has received those winnings.

Rhidax said that’s why XXM and XMende quit following the World Cup.

Rhidax also tweeted that Newbee’s Dota 2 team disbanded after accusations of match-fixing. The team was given a lifetime ban from competing in Chinese competitions, a ruling the organization is appealing.

Newbee has yet to respond to Rhidax’s allegations.

–Field Level Media

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