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Evil Geniuses win tiebreaker for1st place in DPC NA

Evil Geniuses won two matches in a three-team tiebreaker Sunday to wrap up the Dota Pro Circuit Season 1 North America Upper Division.

The wins, over Undying and then Quincy Crew, gave Evil Geniuses a berth in the DPC Major playoffs — plus $30,000 and 500 Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) points.

Quincy Crew beat Undying to finish 1-1 in the tiebreaker and land a spot in the DPC Major group stage and earn $28,000 plus 300 DPC points.

Undying joins the fourth-sixth place teams in holding their places in the Upper Division for Season Two.

In another tiebreaker on Sunday, involving SADBOYS, Black N Yellow and A-Team, spots five through seven and the right to stay in the Upper Division were at stake.

SADBOYS defeated both of its foes to take fifth place, Black N Yellow split its matches to claim sixth, and A-Team was relegated to seventh place, which means they join the eighth-place team, 5ManMidas, in dropping to the Lower Division for Season Two.

The day began with Evil Geniuses playing on green and defeating Undying in 31 minutes. Artour “Arteezy” Babaev of Canada led Evil Geniuses with a kill-death-assist ratio of 9-1-6, while Doo-young “DuBu” Kim of Korean led Undying at 2-7-1.

Still playing on green, Evil Geniuses wrapped up the tiebreaker with a 38-minute win over Quincy Crew. Arteezy again led the way with a K-D-A of 15-0-11, while Rodrigo “LESLAO” Lelis of Brazil led Quincy Crew at 7-2-9.

Quincy Crew, playing on red, then battled with Undying for 51 minutes to get the win. Quinn “Quinn” Callahan of the U.S. posted a K-D-A of 13-3-20 for Quincy Crew, while Enzo “Timado” Gianoli of Peru finished at 8-4-3 for Undying.

The second tiebreaker opened with Black N Yellow playing on green and defeating A-Team in 30 minutes. Eric “Ryoya” Dong of the U.S. led the win with a K-D-A of 8-0-9, and Prince Nino U. “Prince” Poligrates of the Philippines finished at 2-4-4 for A-Team.

Next, SADBOYS, playing on green, posted a 37-minute win over Black N Yellow. David “dnm” Cassio of the U.S. carried the winners with a K-D-A of 13-2-8, while Luke “Yamsun” Wang of the U.S. finished at 4-5-1 for Black N Yellow.

SADBOYS then wrapped up its tiebreaker win, while sending A-Team to seventh place, with a 50-minute victory. dnm again led SADBOYS, which was playing on green, at 18-2-21, while Prince again led A-Team at 10-6-4.

Dota Pro Circuit Season 1 North America Upper Division standings, with win-loss record and map record:
T1. Quincy Crew, 6-1, 13-4
T1. Evil Geniuses, 6-1, 13-4
T1. Undying, 6-1, 12-4
4. 4 Zoomers, 4-3, 10-6
T5. SADBOYS, 2-5, 5-10
T5. Black N Yellow, 2-5, 5-11
T5. A-Team, 2-5, 4-10
8. 5ManMidas, 0-7, 1-14

1st-3rd place tiebreaker:
Evil Geniuses 2-0
Quincy Crew 1-1
Undying 0-2

5th-7th place tiebreaker:
Black N Yellow 1-1
A-Team 0-2

Prize pool:
1st, Evil Geniuses, $30,000 and 500 DPC points
2nd, Quincy Crew, $28,000 and 300 DPC points
3rd, Undying, $27,000 and 200 DPC points
4th, 4 Zoomers, $26,000 and 100 DPC points
5th, SADBOYS, $25,000 and 50 DPC points
6th, Black N Yellow, $24,000
7th, A-Team, $23,000
8th, 5ManMidas, $22,000

–Field Level Media

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