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Electronic Arts reports net revenue of $1.15B

Electronic Arts, maker of the widely popular Madden NFL and FIFA games, reported second-quarter net revenue from the 2021 fiscal year at $1.15 billion, down $200 million from the same period last year.

EA stock generated a net income of 64 cents per share ($185 million), which was down 78 percent from the same time last year but that was when the company netted $570 million in tax benefits following the utilization of a Swiss subsidiary.

The overall 15 percent decrease in net revenues was tied to Madden NFL 21 launching later in the year than Madden NFL 20 and FIFA 21 launching in the third quarter, instead of Quarter 2, Esports Observer reported.

Over the past four quarters, EA reported a 30.7-percent decline in net bookings, which consists of adding total net revenues to the change in deferred net revenues for online and mobile game fees. That total went from $1.3 billion in Quarter 2 of 2020 to $910 million in Quarter 3 2021.

EA did announce that Madden NFL player numbers increased 30 percent, while FIFA players are up and just shy of 35 million. EA title Apex Legends also is on the rise, growing to more than $500 million in revenues.

EA also offered a stock dividend for the first time at 17 cents per share.

–Field Level Media

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