headlines eight playoff qualifiers at ESL One Fall 2021 finished group play unbeaten and untied, and the eight-team playoff bracket was finalized Tuesday at the ESL One Fall 2021 event. and beastcoast won Groups A and B, respectively, and are in the upper bracket along with second-place finishers Tundra Esports and PSG.LGD. Team Spirit, T1, Alliance and Team Empire also qualified for the playoffs and will play in the first round of the lower bracket.

Creepwave, Thunder Predator, Team Liquid and SG esports were eliminated. defeated T1 in 66 minutes and 32 minutes, both on red, to win Group A at 5-0-0. They will open the first round of the upper bracket Thursday by facing PSG.LGD, which took second place in Group B after beating SG esports Tuesday.

PSG.LGD won in 41 minutes on green and 52 minutes on red.

Also in Group B, beastcoast drew with Team Empire — Empire won in 42 minutes, beastcoast won in 34 — and won the group over PSG.LGD via tiebreaker. They will meet Tundra Esports in the upper bracket.

Tundra beat Creepwave in their Group A finale in 33 minutes on green and 44 minutes on red.

Team Liquid drew with Alliance and finished with the same record as Team Empire but lost the tiebreaker for the last qualifying spot out of Group B. Alliance prevailed in 37 minutes and Liquid won in 45.

Finally, Team Spirit closed out group play with a sweep of Thunder Predator, 39 minutes on green and 38 minutes on red.

Twelve teams split into two groups competed in the $400,000 event. The single round-robin matches were best-of-two. The top two teams in each group advanced to the upper bracket, third and fourth-place teams in each group advanced to the lower bracket, and the remaining teams in each group were eliminated.

The double-elimination playoffs run Thursday through Sunday. Those matches are best-of-three while the grand final is best-of-five.

ESL One Fall 2021 standings:
Group A
1. 5-0-0, 10-0
2. Tundra Esports 4-0-1, 8-2
3. Team Spirit 3-0-2, 6-4
4. T1 2-0-3, 4-6
T5. Creepwave 0-1-4, 1-9
T5. Thunder Predator 0-1-4, 1-9

Group B
1. beastcoast 2-3-0, 7-3
2. PSG.LGD 3-1-1, 7-3
3. Alliance 1-3-1, 5-5
T4. Team Empire 0-4-1, 4-6
T4. Team Liquid 0-4-1, 4-6
6. SG esports 0-3-2, 3-7

ESL One Fall 2021 prize pool:
1. $175,000 — TBD
2. $85,000
3. $45,000
4. $25,000
5-6. $15,000
7-8. $10,000
9-10. $5,000 — Creepwave, Team Liquid
11-12. $5,000 — Thunder Predator, SG esports

–Field Level Media

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