PSG.LGD, Team Aster earn sweeps to advance in PGL Arlington Major

PSG.LGD and Team Aster swept their respective opponents on Tuesday to advance to the upper bracket semifinals of the PGL Arlington Major.

PSG.LGD played on red twice, defeating BOOM Esports in 34 minutes and 39 minutes. Team Aster also notched a pair of victories on red, topping Fnatic in 57 minutes and 21 minutes.

Wang “Ame” Chunyu of China led PSG.LGD with an average kills-deaths-assist ratio of 13-1-12.5. Fellow countryman Du “Monet” Peng was Aster’s main contributor, finishing with a 6.5-0.5-10.5 average K-D-A.

With the losses, BOOM and Fnatic were sent to the lower bracket. BOOM Esports will face Team Liquid in the first round, while Fnatic has a meeting with beastcoast.

Seventeen teams from around the world are competing for shares of a $500,000 prize pool, including a grand prize of $200,000. In the Group Stage, they were drawn into groups of nine and eight for single round robins, with all matches best-of-two.

The fifth- and sixth-place teams from each group advanced to the lower bracket. The double-elimination bracket of best-of-three matches takes place this week, with the best-of-five grand final scheduled for Sunday.

In other action, Team Spirit bested Outsiders 2-1, and OG toppled Entity by the same score.

Spirit is set to play Aster on Thursday, and PSG.LGD with take on OG. The winners of those matches will secure their spots in the upper bracket final, where they will have a chance to punch their ticket to the grand final.

Lower bracket play begins Wednesday with three matches:
Outsiders vs. Royal Never Give Up
Entity vs. Evil Geniuses
BOOM Esports vs. Team Liquid

A fourth lower bracket contest is scheduled for Thursday:
Fnatic vs. beastcoast

Group A
1. PSG.LGD, 7-1-0, 15-1
2. Outsiders, 3-4-1, 10-6
3. OG, 3-3-2, 9-7
4. Fnatic, 2-5-1, 9-7
5. Royal Never Give Up, 2-4-2, 8-8
6. Team Liquid, 1-5-2, 7-9
7. Talon Esports, 1-3-4, 5-11
8. Thunder Awaken, 0-5-3, 5-11
9. Soniqs, 0-4-4, 4-12

Group B
1. Team Aster, 3-4-0, 10-4
2. Entity, 3-3-1, 9-5
3. Team Spirit, 3-3-1, 9-5
4. BOOM Esports, 2-3-2, 7-7
5. Evil Geniuses, 2-2-3, 6-8
6. beastcoast, 1-4-2, 6-8
7. Natus Vincere, 2-1-4, 5-9
8. Tundra Esports, 0-4-3, 4-10

Prize pool
1st: TBD — $200,000, 820 DPC points
2nd: TBD — $100,000, 740
3rd: TBD — 75,000, 670
4th: TBD — 50,000, 590
5th-6th: TBD — $25,000, 515
7th-8th: TBD — $12,500, 360
9th-12th: TBD
13th-14th: Talon Esports, Natus Vincere
15th-16th: Thunder Awaken, Tundra Esports
17th: Soniqs

–Field Level Media

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