Furia Esports releases Dota 2 roster

Furia Esports coach Filipe “Astini” Astini took to social media to explain why the Dota 2 roster was released from the organization.

Astini revealed in a TwitLonger post Thursday that the Brazilian-based players were without a team house in lieu of the coronavirus pandemic.

“As announced by Furia, our lineup is out of the organization. This was a decision from their side but was inevitable, if you follow us you probably aware that I have stated plenty of times that we cannot play online tournaments being remote due to internet conditions from our team,” Astini wrote.

“Unfortunately, our team house didn’t get ready in time, even with our long stay in the team. I believe the organization is made by good people but has grown way too much and Dota 2 has lost its priority within. With all the tournaments becoming online and without the proper structure playing the tournaments got unbearable.”

Astini said the Brazil-based team would stay together under the name Midas Club and is looking for a new organization.

“Small sponsors that would like to help us keep the dream alive are welcome during this time,” he said.

–Field Level Media

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