Downed wifi sinks Thunder Predator in BTS Pro Series: Americas

Thunder Predator won the first map of a best-of-three against business associates on Monday and were ahead in the second before technical difficulties occurred, leading to a bizarre 2-1 defeat in the Dota 2 BTS Pro Series: Americas event.

Four of the five Thunder Predator players lost their internet connection during the second game. After the maximum allowable pause, the match was restarted with business associates holding a five-on-one player edge.

The rest of the second game saw business associates take their time before securing the victory in 26 minutes. Casters Michelle “Moxxi” Song and Andrew “Jenkins” Jenkins commented that business associates purposely stretched out the game longer than necessary in a show of sportsmanship to allow Thunder Predator players the chance to regain their internet connection.

However, when Thunder Predator was still unable to get the full team back online before the start of a decisive third map, a forfeit was declared, sealing business associates’ match win.

It was the second day in a row that business associates won via forfeit. On Sunday, beastcoast were unable to compete at all.

The Monday result assured business associates (3-3) a spot in the playoffs for the $50,000 event. Thunder Predator (3-4) already had clinched advancement, but their seeding could be damaged due to the loss.

Thunder Predator, based in Peru, had won the first map in 31 minutes.

In the day’s other match, CR4ZY improved to 6-0 with a 2-0 rout of beastcoast (0-5), posting 20- and 23-minute wins.

The online event features eight teams chasing a $21,000 first prize. All matches in the round-robin group stage are best-of-three.

The top four teams will advance to the upper bracket in the double-elimination playoff format, while the fifth- and sixth-place teams gain entry into the lower bracket. The bottom two teams will be eliminated. All playoff matches will be best-of-three before the grand final on Sunday, which will feature a best-of-five format.

Two days of round-robin action remains:
business associates vs. FURIA Esports
Quincy Crew vs. beastcoast
Quincy Crew vs. CR4ZY
beastcoast vs. FURIA Esports

BTS Pro Series: Americas standings through Monday (map record in parentheses):
1. CR4ZY, 6-0 (12-2)
2. Quincy Crew, 5-0 (10-2)
3. Evil Geniuses, 4-3 (9-7)
4. business associates, 3-3 (8-7)
T5. Thunder Predator, 3-4 (9-9)
T5. Cloud9, 3-4 (7-9)
T7. beastcoast, 0-5 (0-10)
T7. FURIA Esports, 0-5 (1-10)

–Field Level Media

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